EMA offers the potential for real time imaging which would allow for use in surgery.

EMA has dual modality:

In spot measurement mode – tissue characterisation of a single spot/area can be obtained.

In full scanning mode – a complete image of the internal tissue under investigation will be obtained.


Non-invasive biopsies.

Traditional physical biopsies are costly in terms of time and money and added stress to the patient. With EMA tissue can be examined non-invasively – tissues can be identified within minutes with minimal discomfort to the patient and little cost.

Mass Screenings

Mass screenings such a mammogram – which can cause extreme discomfort and pain in patients – could be replaced with a safe, fast and low to pain-free experience for the patient.

A Revolution in Healthcare Imaging

Advantages of EMA:

  • Local use in hospital.
  • Little training needed for image acquisition then transfer of data e.g. via internet to specialised practitioner.
  • Use of EMA in hostile environments – due to its portability and low cost.
  • Suitable for military use in various theatres.

The new technology system probe can be of a comparable weight and size of a current Ultrasound transducer. No expensive or hazardous materials are needed unlike in MRI or x-ray.

EMA will give:

  • Instant diagnosis of tissue.
  • Clear images.

“EMA technology holds the promise of improving the outcomes of most cancer procedures performed under ultrasound (including biopsies, staging, and ablations) by enhancing the contrast of the lesion thereby allowing better targeting.”
Dr. Cesare Romagnoli, Director of Ultrasound, London, Ontario Health Science Centre