Medical Imaging

Images from initial tests show the quality of the images produced by the EMA system. The first EMA images of tissue provides good contrast between regions of different material properties.

Compare EMA with MRI and US images:

US EMA Comparison image

US and EMA overlay images showing region of injected saline solution in kidney. There is good contrast between regions of differing dielectric properties.

MRI EMA Comparison image

Comparison of MRI, High Frequency Ultrasound, and EMA imaging of the same tumour.

Patient comfort and safety

EMA is not only extremely safe no ionising radiation - but it also allows for a much better patient-user experience. The patient will not have to endure the stress and claustrophobia MRI machines can cause.

Currently OxEML is focused on imaging breast and liver tissue.

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All types of tissue can be imaged.

Applications include:

  • Cancerous tissue diagnosis / Biopsy guidance
  • Breast imaging
  • Prostate & Liver cancer
  • Tissue perfusion: diabetes / aneurisms
  • Tendon & muscle assessment: injury healing
  • Cardiac vascularisation
  • Internal injury
  • Eye assessments: vascularisation map