The Technology

EMA – Electro Magnetic Acoustic

  • A new diagnostic and tissue characterisation tool.
  • A new branch in the field of imaging technology.
  • A disruptive technology.

The technology is a completely new and original way of obtaining data on tissue and material characterisation – that allows identification and delineation between tissue types in an organic body. The measurement of the differing electrical and mechanical properties of tissue types can be easily converted to give an easily understandable visual rendering of the area under investigation within a body.

EMA technolgy

The EMA system

“The technology is uniquely positioned to hit a clinically relevant sweet spot in prostate management (imaging and therapy) and successfully be first to market.” Dr. Masoom Haider, Chief, Department of Medical Imaging, Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Canada

The EMA brings together two well established technologies radio and ultrasound – combining the strengths of these two creates a new powerful tool for imaging.

Creation of a New Class of Medical Imaging

Since the inception of medical imaging there has always been a trade-off between quality of results, side effects and cost.

With EMA there is no need to choose – the technology provides high resolution MRI quality images – no side effects (it’s less dangerous than your mobile phone) – low cost (comparable with ultrasound).

OxEML holds worldwide patents for this technology.